Audio Mixing Services in Miami

Need a custom music mix in Miami?

We mix your music list exactly the way you want it and make it sound perfect.

Fashion Show Mixes
Dance Competition Music Mix
Spinning Classes Music Mix
Wedding Reception Grand Entrance Mix
Cheerleader Competitions Music Mix
Party Favors “Mix Tapes”
Professional DJ Mixes

Need a live DJ at any of the above events, we got you covered too!

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DJ Jonny 5 has continuously been the area’s most dependable go-to name when the music and entertainment needed to be just right. With the vision of providing stellar customer service, quality and experienced DJs and all the tools necessary to create a fabulous event, our clients and industry colleagues alike enjoy peace of mind knowing that everything is going to be just right. Trusted by the area’s top event professionals and those in the know, DJ Jonny 5 continues to lead the way with a fresh, innovative approach to helping you better understand key issues when thinking about music, itinerary and time-lines. It’s our belief the better informed our visitors are, the more they’ll be able to relax and enjoy the planning process which inevitably will lead to an even more rewarding event experience.